About Me

Post Production Audio engineer | Sound Designer | Final Mix Engineer

‘The Wizard of Audio’, ‘Sonic Surgeon’, and ‘Artist of Sound’… just some of the terms my clients and the people I work with have called me. While funny, there is some truth to the clichés. Over the span of a very long and exciting career as a sound engineer, I have learned the dark art and science of masterfully creating sonic magic for TV, radio, and film.

What gives me the decided edge, is the fact that I take full ownership of the projects entrusted to me.  I work tirelessly to create the best product possible, with the tools and skills that I have acquired over the years. Because of this unrelenting commitment to excellence, my peers in the industry have deemed it fit to single me out for my craft.  I have helped win local and international awards for film and radio.

Recent Work

ADR | Post Production | Sound Design

Why Work With Me


They say that if you do the very thing you love for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life. For me, that special ‘something’ has always been sound. Ever since I was little, sound intrigued me. The sounds of night and day, the humming of a fridge, the squeak of a toy…I was surrounded by a limitless world of audio that captured my imagination.

As a kid, I played with just about anything I could coax a sound out of.  Much to the horror of my parents, my toys were taken apart to see where the sounds came from.