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‘The Wizard of Audio’, ‘Sonic Surgeon’, and ‘Artist of Sound’… just some of the terms my clients and the people I work with have called me. While funny, there is some truth to the clichés. Over the span of a very long an exciting career as a sound engineer, I have learned the dark art and science of masterfully creating sonic magic for TV, radio, and film.

What gives me the decided edge, is the fact that I take full ownership of the projects entrusted to me.  I work tirelessly to create the best product possible, with the tools and skills that I have acquired over the years. Because of this unrelenting commitment to excellence, my peers in the industry have deemed it fit to single me out for my craft.  I have helped win local and international awards for film and radio.

A key characteristic that many verbalize when working with me, is that I always go above and beyond what’s asked for. I’m not afraid to offer valuable input that has the potential to take a ‘good’ project and turn it into something ‘great. My eagerness to help clients this way is extended to all that cross my path – be it students or up-and-coming sound engineers. But, my primary goal always remains, and it’s simply this:  Every person that walks in a client, must leave as a good friend. These friends always return for more great service, a good cup of coffee, and an outstanding piece of work that keeps them coming back for more.

Why Work With Me


They say that if you do the very thing you love for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life. For me, that special ‘something’ has always been sound. Ever since I was little, sound intrigued me. The sounds of night and day, the humming of a fridge, the squeak of a toy…I was surrounded by a limitless world of audio that captured my imagination.

As a kid, I played with just about anything I could coax a sound out of.  Much to the horror of my parents, my toys were taken apart to see where the sounds came from.

From my childhood years, and into my teens, I began to experiment with music, learning to put sounds together on a PC that was built from old parts. Learning to play the guitar opened up a new world of sonic experience to me. And before I knew it, I was studying the basics of sound engineering and was soon working for a live production house. From rigger to a mixer, and then running whole events on my own I climbed the ranks.

And then, it happened…I joined a post-editing studio where my lifelong love affair for creating, experimenting and developing sounds began. For 20 years, I have watched, with great interest, how sound has evolved, developed and shaped the world we live in. Today, I have developed my own ‘sound’ and a feel for the mix. I use music and sound to provoke powerful human emotions of love, happiness, and joy. I have artfully made people feel emotions of hate, fear, and sorrow. I have taken the vision of directors and copywriters and brought them to vivid life, far exceeding their highest expectations.

But the truest test still remains, and that is often described when a  client is deeply moved to tears or are as excited to go to air as a child is on their birthday…with work that I have single-handedly created.  For with every job that leaves my studio, a piece of my heart and soul goes with it.

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Recent Work

ADR • Post Production • Sound Design

“You need to hire Grant. He is awesome as an engineer and human!”

Sloan Inns, People Love Salt

“I have worked with Grant on numerous projects across Radio and TV commercials as well as Films. He is a creator of audio magic, has a keen eye for detail and amazing talent in sound engineering.”

Andrew Mcdonald, Burley Boys

“Grant is, firstly, an award-winning sound engineer. His mindset is vastly different to any other sound engineer I have ever worked with – as a creative director and writer in the ad industry for over 18 years, I have worked with Grant in creating and crafting numerous radio ads, live reads, and AVs. The difference is that Grant owns the ad. He advises, suggests new and different approaches to solving problems, is easy to work with and expertly creates that ‘theater of the mind’ thing that clients are always after. A first-class gentleman, a professional and all-round nice guy, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone better.”

Elton Padia, Red 31

“Professional went above and beyond. We were highly satisfied with the sound quality of our project!!”

Lennard Rosses

“Grant recently came to visit my advanced high school film students at The Episcopal School of Dallas to talk about his remarkable career and to provide insight on the importance of sound in film. The students came away with a deep appreciation for the power of sound and audio in films that has inspired them to push their work to new levels. Thanks to Grant for inspiring the young film makers of the future.”

Robert Weiss, Episcopal School of Dallas

“Grant is an excellent engineer and his service is superb.”

Wendy Leissner-Machanik, Head of Production at VML

“Earlier this year I had the privilege of meeting Grant. It is not often that professionals take time out of their days to help young creatives. In this case, Grant helped me on two separate occasions, out of the kindness of his heart. He recorded my “Embody your OS” Microsoft D&AD New Blood short-film. He fine-tuned the audio, mixed it and made it into an award-winning piece. You brought the work to life!”

Bernice Puleng Mosala, Bernice Puleng Mosala - Vega Student

“Grant is fantastic to work with. He is always professional, calm and full of great ideas. His ability to put clients at ease is remarkable. He is a hard worker and wants whats best for the client and wont stop until complete satisfaction is achieved on the audio project. Nothing is to much – going the extra mile is an understatement. A great partner to have on a team”

Amanda-Lee Bossenger, Your Content Goes Here

“Grant is super talented and willing to do whatever it takes to get a superior sound for clients. Brilliant to work with!”

Antowan Nothling, Your Content Goes Here

“Grant’s abilities as a sound engineer are self-evident. He is both knowledgeable and swift in his work, often making positive changes before you as a client even realize the product needed them. He is a known factor of excellence in an area of work that deals with too many unknowns. His technical expertise alone can save a piece of work, or turn a mediocre product into an award-winning execution.”

James Van Zyl, Your Content Goes Here

“Grant is an Engineer with a high level of integrity that can be used proficiently on any show as one knows that his ability to deal with people from all walks of life, will ensure that no matter who the client is, they will be happy with the service provided.”

Andrew Nyce, Your Content Goes Here

“Grant has done sound engineering work for me on a number of occasions and I would be loath to work with anyone else. His work is of outstanding quality and he is always willing to assist in his knowledgeable and professional manner.”

Yule Edwards, Your Content Goes Here

“Been working with Grant Harris since way back and he never fails to produce outstanding audio work! Top class engineering with loads of experience!”

Angelique Pallet, Your Content Goes Here

“Being in the radio/video industry and having someone like Grant to work with makes life MUCH easier. Quick, efficient, specialised and personal service makes the experience low on admin, which in turn – simplifies all my projects! HIGHLY recommended.”

Dayle Robyn, Your Content Goes Here

“Grant is an audio wizard and amazing to work with!”

Darren Meltz, Your Content Goes Here

“Fantastic, love working with Grant. Highly recommended folks.”

Christopher Grant Harvey, Your Content Goes Here

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