COVID-19 Regulations

Due to the COVID-19 health threat, please take note of the steps we are taking to limit the spread of the virus.


  • On arrival at our offices, you will need to sign a contact tracing register as well as have your temperature taken. You will need to do this every time you visit.
  • You must wear a mask at all times. If you do not have one, a disposable medical mask will be provided. Please do not remove your mask for any reason while at the studio.
  • For the moment, we can only accommodate 1 voice artist and 2 clients at a time in the control room to maintain social distancing regulations. We can, however, have any number of clients attend remotely via various platforms.
  • If you do attend sessions, please ensure you follow the directives from the government and World Health Organization with regards to social distancing, physical contact, hand washing, and sanitization. We have the necessary soaps and sanitizers available at the studio.
  • The entire studio is cleaned and sanitized daily whether we have visitors or not.
  • Between each voice artist or visitor to the studio, we are required to sanitize and clean all surfaces and touchpoints. This usually takes less than 15min.


  • Unless it is essential that you attend recordings or mixes in person, please rather dial-in. This is for your safety as well as ours. The fewer people in the room the better for us all.
  •  We’ve always been able to accommodate clients who couldn’t attend sessions for whatever reason and have done numerous remote sessions with clients logging in from all over the world.
  • We use SourceConnect, SourceNow, Zoom, Skype and others to stream bi-directional audio and video in real-time, all of which will allow you to listen in and direct sessions live from wherever you are.
  • With most clients opting to work from home due to the current health threats, we want to remind you of this offering, which does not cost anything extra.


  • We advise that you bring your own headphones to the studio. Although ours are sanitized after each use, using your own is simply one less touchpoint to worry about.
  • Please keep your mask on at all times. The only exception is when you are performing the voiceover.