Why Work With Me


They say that if you do the very thing you love for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life. For me, that special ‘something’ has always been sound. Ever since I was little, sound intrigued me. The sounds of night and day, the humming of a fridge, the squeak of a toy…I was surrounded by a limitless world of audio that captured my imagination.

As a kid, I played with just about anything I could coax a sound out of.  Much to the horror of my parents, my toys were taken apart to see where the sounds came from.

From my childhood years, and into my teens, I began to experiment with music, learning to put sounds together on a PC that was built from old parts. Learning to play the guitar opened up a new world of sonic experience to me. And before I knew it, I was studying the basics of sound engineering and was soon working for a live production house. From rigger to a mixer, and then running whole events on my own I climbed the ranks.

And then, it happened…I joined a post-editing studio where my lifelong love affair for creating, experimenting and developing sounds began. For 20 years, I have watched, with great interest, how sound has evolved, developed and shaped the world we live in. Today, I have developed my own ‘sound’ and a feel for the mix. I use music and sound to provoke powerful human emotions of love, happiness, and joy. I have artfully made people feel emotions of hate, fear, and sorrow. I have taken the vision of directors and copywriters and brought them to vivid life, far exceeding their highest expectations.

But the truest test still remains, and that is often described when a  client is deeply moved to tears or are as excited to go to air as a child is on their birthday…with work that I have single-handedly created.  For with every job that leaves my studio, a piece of my heart and soul goes with it.